The junk drawer crashed to the floor, spilling its contents over square footage of my entire kitchen.

Out of what I can only assume was spite and maliciously poor timing, the silver knob of the junk drawer had caught snugly in the pocket of the jacket tied around my waist…

The sound of vomiting interrupted Idina Menzel’s mezzo-soprano belting from the van stereo.

I froze.

Stuck in the confines of the driver’s seat, I whipped my head around to see my four-year-old losing her lunch inside our family Honda, which was parked in the rear of a Walmart parking lot…

Choose me, I thought.

Me. Me. Me.

Goosebumps prickle my arms as the cool fall breeze blows through the bleachers. …

When I was a little girl
and slept on the top bunk
in a crowded, wood-paneled bedroom,
I’d dream of monsters.

When the fireflies turned out their lights
and fluorescent street lamps glowed warily,
I’d squint into the nothingness
of the witching hour
and feel the thumping racing of my heart…

We sat upon the clouds, he and I.

A future, we said. Bright and elegant, constructed from our fledgling dreams and unassuming hopes and dashes of whimsy.

Hand in hand, we collected tiny concepts and bursts of intuition and kept them safe in our pockets. Gathered armfuls of memories and…

The room was small but not uncomfortable.

I sat on a gray twill couch, flanked gently by summer throw pillows. Plucky pick-me-ups from the clearance section at TJ Maxx generously decorated tall walls of faux shiplap.

“Kiera, what do you want your future to look like?” my therapist asked.


Humpty Dumpty once sat on a wall.

That’s how the story begins, anyway. We sing, we clap, we teach phonemic rhyming patterns to preschoolers about tragedy befalling breakfast food. (beFALLING?? I’m brilliant.)

Now, I’m by no means a literalist. But our friend H. Dumpty? First of all — not an…

A Secret.


Here is my very hastily muttered confession, the kind I’m whispering aggressively through clenched teeth as I squeeze my eyes shut so I don’t throw up my recently scarfed-down, Delta-issued Biscoff cookie.

I, uh, am irrevocably, absolutely, and maybe irrationally terrified of turbulence.

On a scale of…

It’s 9:26 a.m.

Twenty-six third graders stare blankly at the whiteboard.

I’d feel flattered, except they’re not looking at this high-heeled bombshell piece of art (me — I’m talking about me). …

I write this story carefully.

I spent most of my middle and high school years on a stage.

At 17, music had become the most powerful component of who I was. From playing cello to acting and singing in musicals and choir concerts –- I had found a rich community…

Kiera Brynne

Subtle mix of classy & gangster. Ambitious, a bit witty, a little brave, & totally snarky. Knows all the state capitals. Confetti — new book coming soon.

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